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About Us

Foot Foundation is an Australian company, the result of collaboration between a professional tennis player, a podiatrist and a pharmacist.

A rich history

Foot Foundation was born out of a public health program aiming to help people self-manage their foot health problems, a pharmacists experience of better assisting greater numbers of customers  and the revelation to a professional sportsperson that these products actually work! — Jon was 'so impressed that he bought the company'!Foot Foundation's range of medical grade, clinically tested European foot care products sold under the Foot Foundation brand, is manufactured in the Czech Republic for the pharmacy industry.

Our Products

The range consists of unique podiatry, orthotic, gel and insole products with new customising techniques, and is complementary in the market place to other leading brands. Our products are available only through pharmacies and podiatrists. We believe that effective and safe foot-care assistance requires informed advice available from these health professionals.

Dermacol Makeup Cover

Our Aims

Passion For Foot Health

Many simple foot health problems are straightforward to address, and Foot Foundation\'s aim is to provide front-line assistance so people can access expertise and products through their pharmacist, while encouraging people to seek help from podiatrists (or their doctor) for problems that are more serious.

We want to stress the importance of foot-care for people with a range of underlying health problems—people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, deep venous thrombosis, frail aged, and people with  impaired vision, for whom foot-care takes on another dimension and for whom regular consultation with a podiatrist is prudent (or even essential).

Feet are the foundation of your health. The state of your feet affects your ankles, knees, hips, back and neck; poorly functioning feet make activity difficult and contribute to overweight, a growing health issue linked to a wide range of serious health conditions.

You and your feet are a team – look after each other!


Our mission is, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and increasing peoples access to preventive health strategies, to:
  • Help people stay active and healthy.
  • Support the pharmacy industry in Australia and New Zealand
  • Provide pharmacy customers with high quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Empower the customer to recognise simple foot health problems
  • Support the podiatry profession with referral from the pharmacy front-line.
  • Increase networking and coordination between health 
  • Remove some of the barriers to good foot health by encouraging daily checks