Gel Heel Cups (Pair) - Men Size 8-12- SOFT GEL

Gel Heel Cups (Pair) - Men Size 8-12- SOFT GEL -

Foot Foundation Gel Heel Cups are ideal to absorb heavy impact and overload of the heel during movement and sports activities.

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Gel Heel Cups relieve heel and back pain, provide superior shock absorption and cushioning, and are shaped for optimum comfort and relief. Gel Heel Cups also assist in relief from Achilles tendonitis and Apophysitis. If worn next to the skin in closed shoes Gel Heel Cups reduce the shearing forces that cause splits in the heels. They contain mineral oil which helps to keep heels feeling soft. Gel Heel Cups are made with a visco-elastic silicone medical-grade gel with mineral oil and are guaranteed not to break or leak. Safe for diabetics to use. DIRECTIONS: Fit easily into existing footwear. Can be worn close to the skin. Suitable for men, women and children. Hand wash with mild soap in lukewarm water. Dust with talcum powder if needed. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in cool place. Store below 25. FEATURES: Made with a medical grade polymer gel combined with a mineral oil. It maintains its form and shape due to lubrication properties of the mineral oil. It is used in many medical areas of rehabilitation. Non-toxic, Hypoallergenic. Safe for diabetics to use.