Gel Toe Prop Support Women 5-9 Left
Gel Toe Prop Support Women 5-9 Left Title

Gel Toe Prop Support Women 5-9 Left -

Foot Foundation Gel Toe Prop Support is ideal to help reduce pressure on the tips of toes due to clawing of the toes. May lessen pressure on

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Gel Toe Prop Supports extend compressed toes, reduce forces that lead to callus and corns, and provide immediate relief from toe pressure. Gel Toe Prop Supports are made with a medical grade polymer gel combined with a mineral oil. They maintain their form and shape due to lubrication properties of the mineral oil. Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic. Safe for diabetics to use. Directions: Place the loop over second toe. If unsure about the fit of this product, please ask pharmacy assistant for advice. Can be cut to size. At night the Gel Toe Prop Support should be removed. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.