3D Gel Sport Insole - Women 8-9- SOFT GEL
3D Gel Sport Insole - Women 8-9- SOFT GEL Title

3D Gel Sport Insole - Women 8-9- SOFT GEL -

Foot Foundation 3D Gel Sport Insole is recommended for high impact sports and hard working feet.

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The Gel insole provides superior shock absorption, reducing the impact that travels through ankles, knees and lower back. The 3D Gel Sports Insole will reduce the shearing forces and friction in the skin that leads to callus formation and heat build–up. Shock absorption properties also make the 3D Gel Sport Insole suitable for providing relief from Achilles tendonitis, Apophysitis, bruised heels, heel pain and stress fractures in the ball of the foot. Extremely durable, breathable and non-toxic to the skin. The fabric material absorbs perspiration. The insole has been designed for most footwear and is safe for diabetics to use. 3D Gel Sport Insoles, manufactured from medical grade polyurethane gel, incorporate superior shock absorption technology, cushion arches and reduce strain on joints. Directions: For a perfect fit trim to size by cutting along the toe section. For optimum comfort do not cut too small. Remove old insole before replacing with new one. Insole should be replaced every 12 months for hygienic purposes. Remove insole from shoe after use to dry and freshen. Don’t leave insole in direct sunlight. Washable in lukewarm water. Do not tumble dry.