Anti-Impact Pro Orthotic - Men 10-12
Anti-Impact Pro Orthotic - Men 10-12 Title

Anti-Impact Pro Orthotic - Men 10-12 -

Anti-Impact Pro orthotic supports and cushions arches, relieves heel, knee, back & tendon pain, incorporates superior shock absorption techn

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Foot Foundation Anti-Impact Pro system has been designed to reduce excessive impact on joints, and to support and cushion arches, helps to relieve heel, joint and tendon pain, and moulds to any mild foot deformities. Can be customized to support the Metatarsal Arch by adding the Foot Foundation Metatarsal Cushion, and to address excessive pronation (“rolling in of the feet”) by adding the Foot Foundation Heel Wedge. Safe for diabetics to use. The Anti-Impact Pro orthotic is made from anti-impact foam and activated carbon to absorb moisture and odour. A plastic mould in the middle of the orthotic helps to fit any mild deformities and give support. The genuine leather top absorbs moisture and eliminates odour. Directions: The orthotic is anatomically designed to fit in most foot ware. When first wearing the orthotic use for one hour on the first day, gradually increasing to all day wear, allowing for adjustments to any mild foot deformities without causing discomfort. Can be cleaned using a damp cloth to remove excess dirt.