Pret-A-Porter Orthotic - Women Size 5-6
Pret-A-Porter Orthotic - Women Size 5-6 Title

Pret-A-Porter Orthotic - Women Size 5-6 -

Pret-A-Porter orthotic provides effective relief from pain in the ball of the foot, relieves heel and arch discomfort, helps cushion and sup

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Foot Foundation Pret-A-Porter has been designed to fit in all types of ladies fashion footwear including high heels. Helps relieve pain in arches and ball of foot by supporting arches and absorbing impact. Can be customised, if needed, to provide more control, reduce impact and excessive pronation (“rolling in of feet”) by adding the Foot Foundation Heel Wedge. Foot Foundation Pret-A-Porter can also provide relief from Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma and pain of stress fractures. Safe for diabetics to use. Foot Foundation Pret-A-Porter orthotics are made with anti-impact foam and activated carbon to absorb moisture and odour, and have a genuine leather top. Directions: Can be cleaned using a damp cloth to remove excess dirt. Adhesive on underside prevents orthotic from sliding around in the shoe. Make sure shoe is dry before adhering. Keep out of direct sunlight.