Heel Healers - Men Size 8-12
Heel Healers - Men Size 8-12 Title

Heel Healers - Men Size 8-12 -

Heel Healers relieve bruised heels and heel spur pain, provide superior shock absorption and cushioning, and are shaped for optimum comfort

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Foot Foundation Heel Healers have been designed to help provide relief from bruised heels and heel spurs, which may help with Apophysitis pain, tendonitis of the Achilles and reduce shock travelling through the heel (and therefore relieve pain of bruised heels). Heel Healers have a removable central disc. When the disc is removed, the heel healer can be positioned so that the resulting hole is over an excessive pressure site (for example a wart or bony area which are commonly found in this area). Bony heels can develop as people age and lose the protective fat pads on their feet. Self-adhesive Foot Foundation Heel Healers are made with anti-shock latex foam for superior shock absorption and comfort. A genuine anti-bacterial leather top eliminates odour and helps absorb moisture. Safe for diabetics to use. Directions: Heel Healers are anatomically designed to fit in most shoe types. A self-adhesive layer covered by a removable wax paper strip adheres the Heel Healer to the inside of the shoe.