Heel Wedges - Women Size 5-9
Heel Wedges - Women Size 5-9 Title

Heel Wedges - Women Size 5-9 -

Heel Wedges help control excessive pronation, have a 3mm heel correction and provide superior cushioning and comfort.

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Foot Foundation Heel Wedges have been designed to help control excessive pronation (rolling in of the foot). Excessive pronation contributes to most foot problems including Plantar Fasciitis (heel spurs). Heel Wedges provide increased rear foot stability. Heel Wedges can also provide relief from Apophysitis. Self-adhesive Foot Foundation Heel Wedges, are made with medical grade PPT material. They have excellent cushioning and shock absorbing properties, and are safe for diabetics to use. Directions: A self-adhesive layer covered by a removable wax paper strip adheres the Heel Wedge to the bottom of the Foot Foundation Orthotic and Insole products. The thickest side of the wedge is placed so that the wedge lifts the inside of the heel. May be added directly into footwear.