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Pret-A-Porter Cushions -

Pret-A-Porter Cushions relieve pain in the ball of foot, relieve discomfort and pressure, and prevent feet slipping forward in high heels.

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Foot Foundation Pret-A-Porter Cushions have been designed to cushion the ball of the foot and prevent bruising. They help prevent callus development and stop feet slipping forward in high heel shoes. May give relief from Morton’s Neuroma (nerve impingement). Self-adhesive Foot Foundation Pret-A-Porter Cushions are made with anti-shock latex foam for superior shock absorption and comfort. A genuine anti-bacterial leather top eliminates odour and helps absorb moisture. Safe for diabetics to use. Directions: The highest point of cushion should sit just behind the metatarsal heads. A self-adhesive layer covered by a removable wax paper strip adheres the Pret-A-Porter to the inside of the shoe.